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Part Time Secretary Required

Hours: Up to 5 hours a week
Pay: £8- £12 depending on experience (Contract to be self-employed)
Responsible to: Working group
Manager: Harry Seccombe
Line Manager: Martha Covell technical advisor

Main Tasks

  1. Schedule and confirm appointments for members or supervisors.
  2. Arrange consultation events and meetings.
  3. Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, and reports
  4. Open, read, route, answer and distribute incoming emails and other material, and prepare answers to routine enquiries.
  5. Answer routine emails and liaise with membership secretary
  6. Distribute consultation material via. Email and other electronic means.
  7. Mail newsletters, promotional material, and other information via. email and other social media.
  8. Maintain scheduling and event calendars.
  9. Greet visitors at consultation events and keep an accurate record of attendees.
  10. Make copies of correspondence and other printed material
  11. Establish work procedures and schedules, and keep track of the daily work.
  12. Learn to operate new office technologies as they are developed and implemented.
  13. Use computers for spreadsheet, word processing, and database management.
  14. Manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts and work with technical assistance to ensure that the web site is up to date at all times.
  15. Upload meeting notes to web site etc.
  16. Work with volunteers to distribute physical consultation material.

Essential Skills and Effectiveness:

  1. Demonstrable computer literacy and IT skills.
  2. Demonstrable communication skills.
  3. Assertion skills, i.e. able to determine and use behaviour, which is appropriate to the situation, and to exercise tact and diplomacy.
  4. Self motivated and able to see tasks through to a successful conclusion, meeting challenging deadlines whilst maintaining attention to detail
  5. Administrative skills, i.e. a thorough organised approach to work with the ability to prioritise and manage workloads
  6. Contributing successfully to effective team working, in a calm and relaxed manner, with the ability to prioritise workloads to meet deadlines
  7. Demonstrable commitment to customer/client focus
  8. Ability to demonstrate initiative, innovation and flexibility in methods of working and achieving outcome.

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