About us

Pokesdown Community Forum represents the views of residents and local businesses in constantly seeking to improve the local area and make it an attractive place to live, work and visit. The group is independent and is not aligned to any political party or organisation. We are one of the recognised public forums in Bournemouth. Any work (such as Pokesdown Green improvements) is funded by grants or your membership.

It’s just £3 to join. Which can be done simply by clicking the paypal ‘donate’ button at the bottom of this page. You payment and contact details will be securely passed to us.

A great short film about Pokesdown and the Forum was made by Joseph Kent back in June 2012. Not only is this an excellent film, it also gives a really good introduction to who and what we are (even if it is a few years ago now).

What Do We Do


The forum is the independent voice for the community. There are regular public meetings as well as ongoing discussions with relevant organisations when required. The forum organises events around Pokesdown (such as the regular monthly markets), as well as being responsible for developing and improving the area opposite the station. Along with the new sign, a display of Pokesdown’s history has been erected. Improvements to the green also extend to the shrubs and trees which have been cut back and replanted.

Improving And Campaigning For Pokesdown

In addition to the improvements to the Green, members are involved in a number of initiatives. Recently members have helped with cleaning up Hannington Place, improving Rosebery Rd green space, lobbying the council to undertake enforcement action against shop landlords in Pokesdown, setting up and leading the campaign to make Pokesdown Station accessible, and lots lots more.

Join us….If you want to be involved or think there is something that needs to be done lets us know.

Join us by becoming a member. Donate £3 below and you will be signed up for the next year.