Pokesdown Council Members 1901

This is a photo from 1901 of the Pokesdown Council and their officers. The photo was taken 18th November 1901 outside Stourfield House.

Standing Left to Right

G. Welsman, Manager of bus Company; G. Fall, Contractor; W. Potts, Assistant Surveyor; E. Burt, Solicitor and Clerk to the Council; E.W. Ingamells, Surveyor; J. Morley, Rate Collector; – Plummer, Treasurer; J,.Bridle, Builder.

Seated Left to Right

C. Sturney, Nurseryman; G. Cottman, Wine merchant; A. Wrenn, butcher; R. Parsons, Dairyman; Corbin Harris, Contractor; W. .Bolton, Postmaster ; J. Carter, Builder; H. Hook, Oil merchant; W. Butler, Retired farmer.